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Mystic Stealth Harness (no Hook), Black/Grey

Mystic Stealth Harness (no Hook), Black/Grey

Normál ár €439,99 EUR
Normál ár €459,99 EUR Akciós ár €439,99 EUR
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Always improving, always streamlining – that’s how our best products are crafted, and our latest upgrades to the Stealth are no exception. As our most lightweight harness to date, the Stealth weighs in at just 900g (or 1,98lb) which is 37% lighter than the previous model. All this is due to the Stealth’s shape and padding, which is now built in 3D, giving us a minimal yet smooth grip all around. Freedom of movement is optimized by removing height from the sides, which also reduces the pressure points when riding. The Battlebelt is now thinner and half the thickness of what it used to be, saving on weight and minimizing friction. To round it off, the Stealth features our new Flexcover storage system with an integrated safety knife pocket.

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