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Ozone Code V3 kiteboard 141 cm, Bright Green

Ozone Code V3 kiteboard 141 cm, Bright Green

Normál ár €584,00 EUR
Normál ár €584,00 EUR Akciós ár €584,00 EUR
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The Code V3 fits an impressive range of rider levels and styles, free ride, cruising, big air and unhooked freestyle. 

  • High Performance All Rounder

    • All Round Freeride Performance
    • Medium Rocker and Medium Flex
    • Hybrid Fiberglass and Carbon layup
    • Progressive Outline with Amazing Control
    • Intermediate to Advanced Free Riders

    Equally at home in flat water, chop and waves, it’s a high performing all rounder that comes alive the second it hits the water.

    New Hybrid Biax Fiberglass and UD Carbon Layup
  • The third version of the Code features a new hybrid Biax Fiberglass and UD Carbon layup. This new construction reduces weight by 10%, increases flex at the tips and increases response from the centre of the board. Combining a medium flex and rocker the Code V3 absorbs and controls fast landings, making engaged big air and kiteloops forgiving on touch down..

  • Medium Flex and Rocker

    Combining a medium flex and rocker the Code V3 absorbs and controls fast landings, making engaged big air and kiteloops forgiving on touch down.

  • Updated Hull

    The hull design has been updated with a double concave blending into tri-spine channels at the tips. This provides incredible grip to confidently ride with speed and power for big boosts or driving hard upwind.

  • Carving Performance and Direct Drive

    The Freeride round-style outline provides excellent carving performance and direct drivethat is ultra smooth in choppy conditions. Swallow shaped tips allow a strong edge hold without the feeling of being locked on a rail, while increasing stability and control.

  • More Engaging

    The aim of the Code is to make riding more engaging and easier to progress.
    We love to see people enjoying themselves on the water, take the Code V3 and explore the endless possibilities this board has to offer!

  • Construction

    1: Premium A-grade Paulownia core

    The premium A-grade Paulownia core provides ultimate flex characteristics, amazing strength, and reduced weight.

    2: Bio-based Epoxy Resin

    Latest innovations in bio-based chemistry have allowed us to use a new epoxy resin which has 35% of its molecular structure derived from plant origin.

    3: Polymer Resin Rail

    Flexible Polymer Resin rail with high impact and
    wear resistance.

    4: Highest Quality Fiberglass and Carbon

    Precise lamination using high quality Biaxal Fiberglass and UD Carbon layers to provide the ultimate balance of flex, response and strength.

    5: Highest quality 316 Stainless Steel inserts

    Highest quality 316 Stainless Steel inserts embedded into ABS blocks. This insert construction offers superior strength for powered riding and using boots.

  • Footpads and Straps V2

    Having comfortable footpads and straps can be the difference between a good session and a bad one. Our V2 design provides the ultimate balance between performance and comfort to keep the good sessions rolling!

    Our foot straps are ergonomically designed featuring Ultralon Performance Foam® and plush neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and control while providing a precise fit. Ultralon foam has an exceptional resistance to packing out, it doesn’t compress over time and has an outstanding formability enabling anatomical adaptation. Combined with the quick and easy velcro size adjustment, the strap provides a snug fit to all foot shapes and sizes or wetsuit booties.

    We have designed our footpads to provide superior comfort, adaptability and strength. The multi-density foam pads combine a shock absorption base layer and a higher density top layer with precise contouring and texture for increased traction to keep your feet comfortably locked in. The baseplate is built strong with nine strap positions and five stance angle options allowing for uncompromised adaptability.

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