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Poncho Explore 2.0

Poncho Explore 2.0

Normál ár €190,00 EUR
Normál ár €190,00 EUR Akciós ár €190,00 EUR
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As our most multi-functional and weather-proof jacket with changing robe capabilitie the Explore 2.0 is suited to those with active lifestyles who spend plenty of time outdoors. Lined from hood to hem with teddy fleece it’s waterproof and windproof and ready to take on all unpredictable conditions. The Explore 2.0 is guaranteed to keep you warm while you’re getting changed out of your wetsuit so you can be lucky enough to enjoy the post-sesh bliss afterward. The teddy lining is so fluffy that it’ll just about absorb you. An outdoor essential for years to come.

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