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The One Fullsuit 5/3mm Zipfree

The One Fullsuit 5/3mm Zipfree

Normál ár €380,00 EUR
Normál ár €380,00 EUR Akciós ár €380,00 EUR
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Aren't we all looking for 'The One'? We've found it. The One Fullsuit 5/3mm has been totally updated with flexible MX4 Yamamoto neoprene. Now in three colors to choose from including black green or red with striped artwork along the arms. This fullsuit is totally zipfree and features a warm inner lining GBS seams and covered with Waterproof stretch taping on the inside. It also comes with our new and improved Mesh neoprene back panel to reduce wind chill 4-Way stretch kneepads and a Glideskin neck construction for extra comfort.

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