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Kitesurfing has become very popular in Hungary in recent years, and thanks to this, more and more kitesurf shops and communities are appearing in the country. One of the best known kitesurf shops and communities are and Truesurfers. is an online shop that offers kitesurf equipment such as kites, boards, trapezes, vests and other accessories. The shop features the most popular and trusted brands such as Mystic Boarding, Ozone Kites, and Appletree. The site is very user-friendly, the products are easy to find and order, and the customer service is extremely friendly and helpful.

The Truesurfers community is a kitesurfing community dedicated to sharing the love and passion of kitesurfing. The site acts as a forum where kitesurf enthusiasts can share their experiences, pictures, videos and ideas about the sport. Through the information on the site, kitesurf enthusiasts can learn a lot about the sport, new equipment and how to use it.

The cooperation between the Truesurfers community and is very important for the Hungarian kitesurfing community. In cooperation with the Truesurfers community, organises a number of events, competitions and camps that give kitesurfing enthusiasts the opportunity to meet each other, share their experiences and learn from each other. Another benefit of their cooperation is that kitesurfing is a great way to learn, share and learn from each other.
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