Product Return


Dear customers!

We would like to provide you with the following information to help you return your product smoothly. Whether you have a size problem (A), a quality defect (B) or any other reason for returning a product purchased from us, you will need the following information.

Product return for size problem or other reason (not quality defect) as follows:
Please send an email with the following details to
- Please send us an email with the following address: email us at the address below:
- Customer email address:
- Customer's phone number:
- Order date:
- Date of receipt of order:
- Brand of Product to be returned:
- Name of Product to be returned:
- Size of product to be returned:
- Product to be returned Product colour:
- Returnable Product item number:
- Product to be returned Value at time of purchase:
- Reason for return:
We are unable to exchange product without proof of purchase receipt, copy of invoice.
- Please underline what you would like:

a. Product price refund. If you paid by credit card, we will refund the product price to your credit card. If you have paid by cash, please enter the 24-digit bank account number and the name of the bank account holder to which you wish to be refunded.
b. Size change. Place a new order for the replacement product you wish to exchange, indicating in the order comment that you wish to apply the product exchange from your previous order to the new order. (Any price difference or additional shipping costs will be invoiced to you by COD or bank transfer. In case of a lower value, we will transfer the difference to your bank account).
- Details required for a refund of the purchase price:

Bank account holder:
Bank account number (24 characters):

We can take back the returned product in its original packaging, with tags, in its original, new, unused condition (including any parts, e.g. binding screws, pins). If the original packaging is not available or if we cannot take the product back in its original form for stocking or storage due to damage, we can refund or credit the value of the product minus 20% of the product price, less the restocking/packaging fee. In the case of returned products with defects, we can refund or credit the value of the replacement part. In the case of non-replaceable parts, we may refuse to accept the return of the product, along with a refund of the product price.(Please do not tape the original packaging or box of the products together, if possible, wrap it in additional packaging for return).
Products returned more than 30 days after receipt can only be taken back by prior arrangement, and their value can be credited to our store/webshop as a redeemable amount (credit) based on the current product price or value at the time of purchase.
Return address:

NSP Hungary - Surfdoctor -
Budapest, Dayka Gábor u. 8/b, 1118

Product returns due to quality problems, malfunction, etc.
Before making a quality claim, please check the warranty interval and warranty conditions for the product in question. Before returning the product, please send us the following information by email After evaluating the required information, we will give you instructions on how to return the defective product.
Please send us an email containing the following information:
- Customer name
- Customer's email address
- Customer's email address Customer's phone number
- Place of purchase or Online Order date
- Date of receipt of order
- Brand of product to be returned
- Name of Product to be returned
- Size of product to be returned
- Colour of product to be returned
- Product to be returned Item number
- Value of the product to be returned at the time of purchase

Proof of purchase receipt, copy of invoice (without these documents we cannot exchange the product).
- Approximate quantity used
- Reason for return, description of quality problem with the product:
- Please send pictures as follows (JPEG format preferably 500kb and no smaller than 3MB image size, with larger images)

1 image: full image of the product (both sides for knits).

2 image: full image of the bottom and back of the product

3 image: close-up of the damaged part 1

Picture 4: Close-up of the failed part 2

Picture 5: Picture of the warranty ticket or, in the absence of a warranty ticket, of the document proving the purchase.

Based on the information sent by email, we will start the warranty process and then inform you of the next steps to take to return the defective product.

Thank you for choosing us! team