What are the rules for safe kitesurfing?

What are the rules for safe kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a fun and exciting sport, but safety is always the first priority. Here are the rules for safe kitesurfing:

1. Know the weather and sea conditions. Only kitesurf in places where you know the environment and where the conditions are suitable for your experience level.

2. Always use appropriate equipment: Use appropriate equipment for your body weight and wind conditions, and always check that your equipment is in good condition.

3. Wear safety equipment: wear a helmet and a life jacket.

4. Keep away from the shore and other people. Be aware of people and the environment. Avoid densely populated areas and keep an appropriate distance from people and other craft.

5. Obey the rules: When kitesurfing, obey local rules and regulations, as well as general safety rules, such as signals for changing direction.

6. Watch the wind: Always monitor the weather and keep an eye on the wind direction and strength so that you can react to changes in time.


8. Know the safety systems for kitesurfing.

9. Instruction,

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