The all new Ozone Vortex Ultra-X! Go higher!

The all new Ozone Vortex Ultra-X! Go higher!

The Vortex Ultra-X is a finely tuned powerhouse designed for thrill-seekers looking to elevate their twin-tip riding experience. Crafted for riders with an intermediate to pro level skill set, this kite promises an exhilarating ride with its big air performance capabilities.

With a three-strut design enhanced by an Aluula airframe, the Vortex Ultra-X boasts exceptional stability and agility, setting it apart as Ozone's most responsive big air kite yet. Whether you're soaring to new heights or executing kite loop combinations, this kite's intuitive feedback and reliable catch make it a top choice for those dedicated to pushing the limits in big air riding.

The lightweight construction and superior handling allow for effortless control, delivering a seamless experience for riders of varying skill levels. From boosting high above the water to navigating through tight loops, the Vortex Ultra-X shines with its exceptional performance and range across different wind conditions.

The integration of Aluula materials ensures unmatched strength, stiffness, and lightness, contributing to the kite's impressive low-end performance and maneuverability. The meticulous design process, spanning over two decades, showcases Ozone's commitment to innovation and reliability, culminating in a sports kite that delivers peak performance without compromise.

Incorporating advanced features such as a 16-point bridle connection, Technora bridle lines, and double transversal sail shaping, the Vortex Ultra-X stands out as a top-tier kite tailored for serious riders seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience. With a strong focus on quality and performance, Ozone's dedication to creating high-performance kites shines through in the Vortex Ultra-X, allowing riders to unleash their full potential in the world of extreme sports.

Overall, the Vortex Ultra-X is a game-changer for riders looking to push their boundaries and achieve new heights in big air riding, making it a must-have for those seeking an unparalleled experience on the water.

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