Warranty and Cancellation

Warranty and Cancellation

The Service Provider shall communicate the duration of the warranty period for each product at the latest by means of the information on the warranty certificate (warranty ticket) provided at the time of receipt of the product by the Customer.

2. The Customer may exercise his rights under the warranty from the date of performance by the Service Provider (date of acceptance of delivery or putting into service) for the duration of the warranty period.

3. The Customer shall only be entitled to exercise his rights under the warranty upon presentation or delivery of the warranty ticket or invoice issued by the Service Provider at the time of receipt of the product.
rights under the warranty. The Customer must prove the purchase beyond reasonable doubt.
In any event, the scope of the warranty rights for each product shall be governed by the warranty ticket.

unless the repair or replacement is not possible or would result in disproportionate additional costs for the Service Provider compared to the fulfilment of the other warranty claim.
If the repair or replacement is not possible or has not been undertaken by the Service Provider, the Customer may, at its option, claim an appropriate price reduction,
or withdraw from the contract, if this is permitted under the terms of the guarantee voucher. No cancellation may be made for minor defects.

provided that the defect prevents the use of the product for its intended purpose. In the event of defects occurring during improper use or overuse, the service provider does not provide a replacement or repair guarantee. Non-designated or over-use is considered to be the failure of the product before time of use in rental function, educational programs, group use, competitors.

6. The burden of proving this shall be on the Service Provider for the first 6 months and on the Customer for the following 6 months. The warranty does not affect the Customer's statutory warranty rights. The Customer is responsible, in the event of product failure, for returning the defective product to the Service Provider for repair or replacement as soon as possible. Persistent failure to do so may result in the loss of the guarantee and warranty.
The Customer can find out the place of repair on the warranty card of the product in question or from the Service Provider's customer service.

7. The buyer will be informed of this by means of the information on the warranty ticket.


Right, method and consequences of withdrawal:

1. The procedure for doing so is laid down in Government Decree 17/1999 (II.5.) on distance contracts. The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the day on which he took delivery of the goods. The right of withdrawal may also be exercised in the event of personal receipt. The Customer may communicate his withdrawal to the Service Provider at the telephone number, postal address or e-mail address indicated in the Service Provider's details.

In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer must return the product at his own expense. In case of withdrawal, the Customer shall return the product in its original, new condition. The Customer may not return the product affected by the cancellation to the Service Provider by cash on delivery, and the Service Provider shall not accept cash on delivery. In the event of withdrawal, Harmati Dániel may claim compensation from the Customer for damages resulting from the improper use of the goods. In addition, the Customer shall not be liable for any other costs in connection with the withdrawal.

In the case of a purchase with home delivery, our specialist shop cannot assist our customers. In any case, please return the product to our collection point.

Harmati Dániel, József Nádor tér 11.,
The Service Provider will return the amount paid by the Customer to the Customer in full, in accordance with the legislation in force, without delay, but no later than 30 days after the cancellation.

2. The Customer may not exercise his right of withdrawal:

in the case of the sale of a product which is tied to the Customer or which has been produced on the Customer's instructions or at the Customer's express request or which is not returnable by its nature.
in other cases provided for by law.


4. For more information, please see "Shipping information".